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If you are arrested or charged with DUI, APC or DWI in Oklahoma there can be some devastating consequences.  You need an experienced DUI defense lawyer.

You only have fifteen (15) days from the date of your arrest to request an administrative hearing from the Department of Public Safety to prevent revocation of your driving privileges.  If you contact us within fifteen days of your arrest, The Todd Law Office can handle the filing of your hearing request for you, and keep your driving privileges intact while we fight your revocation.  DO NOT miss this deadline, even if you have to file the request for hearing yourself following the instructions on the ‘Officer’s Affidavit and Notice of Revocation’ that you received at the time of arrest.

There are actually two proceedings started against you in Oklahoma when you are arrested for DUI or APC.  First, the Department of Public Safety initiates an administrative action against your driver license.  This is an entirely separate proceeding from your criminal case for the DUI or APC charge.  If you do not request an administrative hearing from DPS within fifteen days of your arrest, your license will automatically be revoked for a minimum of 180 days, and up to 3 years.  When the hearing is requested in time, your license revocation will be stayed, and you will keep your driving privileges during the entire time that the administrative hearing process is pending.  Conducting this hearing gives your attorney an opportunity to save your license from revocation and keep you driving without restrictions.  It is also an excellent opportunity for an experienced DUI attorney to attack your stop, field sobriety testing, breath or blood testing, and the basis for the DUI or APC criminal charge before you have to deal with it in the criminal courts.  Even if you were already suspended, or have never been issued a license, the opportunity to build a defense through the administrative proceedings makes requesting the DPS hearing and having competent DUI Defense counsel to represent you an absolute necessity.

The second proceeding against you after your DUI or APC arrest is the actual criminal charge, filed in City, State, or Federal Court.  In Oklahoma, DUI and APC carry a minimum of ten (10) days in jail, to a maximum of one (1) year in jail for a ‘first’ time misdemeanor DUI or APC.  If you have had a prior DUI or APC within the last ten years, the prosecutor may file your charge as a Felony DUI or APC instead of a misdemeanor.  The Felony charge carries potentially much harsher penalties, including incarceration in a State prison facility.

In addition to the criminal penalties and driver license penalties, an arrest for DUI or APC in Oklahoma carries with it substantial costs in fees, assessments, DUI classes, ignition interlock device requirements and other costs.  The attorneys at The Todd Law Office can assist you in saving your license, and stopping the threat of imprisonment and/or thousands of dollars in costs as a result of your arrest.  Call or contact us immediately for a free initial consultation about your DUI arrest.

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